Welcome to home of Mischran Borzois

The Mischran Kennels are pleased to announce that the kennels, dogs, paperwork, exercise areas etc. have all been visited and thoroughly checked by a Kennel Club Representative and we have achieved the highest accolade of a 3, 1 Being a failure, 2 To be improved.

Mischran Kennels, Primrose Cottage, a small but select Kennel in a lovely part of South Wales is where it all began, myself Angie Baker, my husband Harold and our six children, Sarah, Rebecca, Naomi, Heath, Charlotte and Michael. I have always loved animals and started owning and breeding dogs at the age of 18 with West Highland White Terriers and Lakeland Terriers from the famous Miss Murray of the Kelda Kennels in Stonehouse, Stroud, Gloucestershire. From here I loved and owned several German Shepherds for some 25 years before I owned my first Borzoi some 31 years ago.


Borzois have been a major part of our lives for the past twenty two years.

Our first Borzoi was purchased from Robin and Jean Spencer, "Talgavar Touch of Class", she was beautiful and a wonderful companion.

Next we bought our founder bitch "Ziggy", "Dekaos Miss Saigon of Mischran" who produced three lovely litters and they in turn have bred some very talented offspring in the show ring all with wonderful temperaments which they in turn have passed on to their youngsters.


Our biggest and most influential friend has to be Margaret Manning and her Manitias Borzois from her we have gained knowledge and understanding of the breed and she has also allowed us to own some of her Borzois with what we feel has made a vital and most significant difference to our breeding plan. We have used her stud dogs and also bred from bitches bred by her. We have some excellent old English lines in our breeding now with Manitias, Colhough and Falconcrag.

We have been lucky enough to have used the Russian Italian import "Hepi Hepri Liman at Manitia" which has been a great outcross and had a marked effect on our stock. We have recently brought into the kennel a granddaughter of our Mischran Riddick and Manitias Mixed Emotion at Mischran her grandfather on the fathers side is the Swiss Dog Kuskayas Chinook who’s breeding is Kuskaya`s Ayak x Eliza Kalinowas.